Weekends are made for fun at Beau Soleil, as our boarding community enjoy a variety of academic, challenge, and house activities.

Weekends at Beau Soleil are packed with opportunities to pursue passions, embrace new experiences, and spend time with friends.

With almost all of our students on campus over the weekend, everyone is free to get involved in our diverse programme of activities.

These include academic extension sessions and outdoor adventures, which range from skiing and snowboarding in winter to paintballing and our famous whole-school challenges.Our young people can also enjoy days out in Geneva or Lausanne, afternoons at the cinema, or trips to art galleries and museums. We make sure there’s plenty of time to relax on campus or spend time in Villars, too.

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A broad and balanced programme

A series of themed weekends offer an ever-changing programme of experiences and activities, ensuring our students have something unique to look forward to each week.

Academic weekends

Saturday morning lessons are followed by a choice of activities, which range from cooking workshops and pottery to whitewater rafting and canyoning. In the evening, older students can go for dinner in the village. On Sunday, inter-house challenges, from sports to baking, add an element of friendly competition.

Challenge weekends

On Saturday, students take part in one of our seven whole-school challenges. This is followed by a challenge meal, which brings our community together to share their experiences. Sunday is typically quiet, with students free to do whatever they like.

Exeat weekends

From Friday lunchtime until Sunday evening, students can visit family or jet off on one of our European city breaks. Other off-campus opportunities include trips to the cinema, art galleries, and museums. Our young people can also spend time relaxing with friends on campus or in Villars.

House weekends

House weekends create a strong sense of community and camaraderie. Students vote on the activities they’d like to take part in, which can range from banana boating on Lake Geneva to dinner at a mountain refuge. On Sunday, inter-house challenges give the weekend a competitive edge.

Winter weekends

On Saturday, students hit the slopes to ski or snowboard. Private lessons on Sunday – or an optional free ski day – give our young people the opportunity to improve their skills or explore with friends. Other winter activities include huskie rides, trips to Verbier, or an exhilarating helicopter flight over the Alps.