Our diverse performing and visual arts programme gives every student an outlet for creativity and self-expression.

The arts enrich daily life at Beau Soleil, and we encourage our students to express their creative side through music, drama, performance, or the visual arts.

Through our collaboration with The Juilliard School, aspiring actors, performers, and musicians immerse themselves in activities that inspire lifelong passions. After-school clubs, LAMDA qualifications, concerts, and our school production also provide opportunities to shine.



Our dynamic drama programme – enriched by specialist resources, techniques, and approaches devised by Juilliard – sees our students create and experience incredible live theatre. It also nurtures their skills and knowledge, and gives them the confidence to write, direct, and perform.

Students who want to step into the spotlight, operate light or sound equipment, or work backstage can sign up for our annual school play. We offer a variety of drama-focused clubs throughout the year, too. Our trip to London’s West End is a fantastic chance to enjoy four top theatrical productions.


Music enhances the student experience Beau Soleil, both through our timetabled programmes and co-curricular experiences.

Enriched by our collaboration with Juilliard, our music programme promotes cultural literacy and develops transferable skills, including creativity and critical thinking. Technology also plays an important role in our students’ musical education. The latest software – including Garage Band, Cubase Pro, and Sibelius – develops our learners’ production, composition, and recording skills.

Beyond the curriculum, we encourage everyone to find their musical passion, either by learning an instrument or showcasing existing talents. We teach the violin, cello, piano, and guitar, as well as various percussion, woodwind, and brass instruments. Gifted students can also join a school band or rock group.



Our dance programme at Beau Soleil serves as a vibrant platform for students to explore and express themselves through the art of movement. Integrating a variety of dance styles, from ballet to the rhythms of contemporary and street dance, the programme encourages students to collaborate and discover their unique dance style.

Dance Activities (AAs) further deepen their engagement, allowing for specialised skill development and a richer understanding of dance as a multifaceted art form.

Our students enjoy unparalleled opportunities to train with and perform with local dance companies. This unique aspect of our programme not only elevates their learning experience but also connects them with the broader dance community. The highlight of our dance calendar is the annual trip to London, where students experience the vibrancy of the global dance scene by attending performances by world-class acts, enriching their perspective and inspiring their artistic journeys.



Visual arts

At Beau Soleil, our students demonstrate their artistry in relevant, interesting, and meaningful ways. We celebrate creativity and provide a broad spectrum of opportunities for self-expression.

In our dedicated International Baccalaureate (IB) art studio, Senior students draw, sculpt, paint, and construct a variety of pieces. At the end of the year, they present their work at a private viewing, hosted by the school.

Creativity flourishes in our ceramics room and Middle Years Programme (MYP) studio, too. A series of art-based trips, including to Spain and Berlin, spark our students’ curiosity and provide the inspiration they need to conceive and create striking works of art.

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