Our dedicated Learning Support Team help our students to overcome academic challenges and become confident, independent learners.

Our comprehensive programme of learning support helps our students manage the demands of their courses – and take control of their learning.

Whether it’s advice on time management or notetaking, coping with exam stress, or scheduling revision time, our Learning Support Team offer evidence-based strategies that help our young people overcome any challenge.

Our team are at the cutting-edge of educational innovation, too, identifying approaches that enhance learning in and outside of the classroom. This includes the use of mind-mapping technology to understand how individuals learn best.

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In line with the latest neurological research, we also share techniques and tips that enhance cognitive function, including memory and recall.

Giving our students the tools to succeed – and helping them find solutions to problems – empowers them to become confident, resilient, independent learners.

“The Learning Support Team helped me find different ways to solve a problem.”

Dimitri, Grade 10 Student