More than 90 co-curricular activities give our students the opportunity to do what they love and display their talents.

With more than 90 options to choose from, our extensive co-curricular programme offers something for everyone. Our activities bring like-minded students together, giving them the opportunity to pursue shared interests, let off steam, and learn new skills.

Alongside a host of team and individual sports – which range from football and basketball to sailing and horse riding – we offer a variety of creative and community service programmes. Students can also discover new hobbies at baking, bird watching, chess, and historical debate clubs.


Activities for everyone

Whether it’s slaloming through the Swiss Alps, debating global issues, or immersing themselves in music, our students discover their passions on our thriving co-curricular programme.


From the traditional to the out-of-the-ordinary, our sports programme offers a myriad of opportunities to get moving, hone talents, and compete. Activities include team sports like basketball, football, and volleyball, as well as the chance to shine individually on the badminton court or golf course. We also offer bouldering, track cycling, night ski touring, Taekwondo, and more.

Performing and creative arts

Our students’ creativity shines at co-curricular clubs that span the creative and performing arts. Aspiring actors, directors, and producers stage our impressive school production, while the Beau Soleil band, rock group, and hip-hop dance troupe demonstrate the breadth of our community’s musical talents.

Community service

Through a range of service activities, our students discover their place in the world – and use their determination to make a difference. Our Model United Nations programme encourages colourful debate and discussion on global themes, while our Les Gentianes project sees our learners support people in the community.


We cater for a diverse range of interests at Beau Soleil, offering a selection of unique clubs and activities that bring like-minded students together. From cooking and baking to dog walking and outdoor reading; debating historical events to publishing a school newspaper, we pride ourselves on offering something for everyone.

Professional Learning Programmes

Our Professional Learning Programmes inspire future entrepreneurs, exposing students to diverse industries and enabling them to earn formal qualifications. In our Student-Led Business Initiatives, they gain practical business experience through active participation in founding and running one of three unique student-run enterprises, covering areas like marketing, e-commerce, and product development.

Our Professional Learning Programmes inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, introducing students to different industries and giving them the opportunity to gain formal qualifications.

Our Student-Led Business Initiatives empower future business leaders by offering a dynamic platform for acquiring business experience. Through hands-on involvement in areas like founding a business, marketing, e-commerce, customer service, and product development, students not only learn crucial business skills but can also actively participate in operating one of our three distinct student-run enterprises.

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