8 - 17 years

Epic experiences await on our Odyssey Week, where every camper charts their unique course, drawing inspiration from one of four themes: The Sky, The Water, The Mountain, or The Cultural Odyssey.

Each option promises a week filled with achievements and memories. Open to 8 to 17-year-olds, Odyssey Week offers an exciting mix of activities, as well as the chance to make the most of our alpine setting.

Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Join us for Odyssey Week at our 2024 Summer Camp and transform your summer into a tale of adventure and discovery.

Choose your odyssey
Sky (14 and over):

Reach for the skies with heart-pounding activities such as flight simulations and paragliding or skydiving experiences.


Dive into aquatic adventures and explore Switzerland’s crystal-clear waters with activities like surfing, waterskiing, and paddle boarding. Junior campers will create unforgettable memories at the water park.


Conquer the Swiss Alps with hiking, climbing adventures, and the experience of ziplining through alpine scenery.


Immerse yourself in Switzerland’s heritage with excursions to historic towns, museums, and local culinary delights, including visits to a chocolate factory, cheese factory, and a cruise on Lake Geneva.

While campers pick their daytime Odyssey adventure, every evening is about coming together as a community and enjoying themed evenings such as gala night, karaoke night and a Hawaiian party. Whether you choose The Sky, The Water, The Mountain, or The Cultural Odyssey, you’re in for a week full of exciting activities. You’ll make friends for life and have unforgettable memories in the Swiss Alps.